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It’s that time again… Back to school!

Can you believe it!? Summer is almost over and it is that time again – Back to school!

Your kids are winding out of camp mode and are already thinking about school supplies, schedules, and what the new school year has in store for them. Regardless of your child’s age, it is still important to be one step ahead of the game.

Sometimes the “dad-details” can be overwhelming, but SimplyHome2 is here to help!

  • Be in the know.
    • Don’t be clueless! Know what is expected of both of you and your kids.
    • Put the exam schedule on your fridge.
    • Know how to log into your child’s grade account.
    • Have a copy of the syllabi so you have a heads up on projects and important dates.
  • Have a plan with clear expectations.
    • Sit down with your kids and set tangible goals and benchmarks.
    • The time to be involved in the coming semester is now!
  • Set CLEAR boundaries.
    • If television, sports, or social media (yes, Instagram!) are getting in the way of academics, step in and limit these distractions – the sooner the better.
    • Speaking of phones, this goes for YOU as well. When you are doing homework, studying, having dinner etc. do your best to stay off your phone as well. Kids always know when you are half listening or paying attention, take this time to be present with your child.
  • Plan to attend all and any orientations and parent-teacher conferences.
  • Sign up for something… or anything!
    • You may or may not have a ton of spare time but you can always get involved in some way.
  • Talk over the challenges that your kid may be facing. This is great for bonding and sharing!
    • Lots of homework?
    • Bully in gym class?
    • Crush on a girl or boy?
  • Coach your kids to success.
    • Sneak in cute notes in the lunchbox
    • Asking about their day – and don’t take “good” or “fine” as the answer!
    • Make them explain how their day was and why.
    • Praising a great Math test (A+!!!)
  • Model excitement for the win.
    • If you as their father are positive about the coming school year, their classes, teachers and work – chances are your kids will be too!
  • Rest up
    • Bring it on, school year!


    Father helping daughter with homework

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